Across the room or far away, robotic camera PTZ  SDI control is now a reality with our KMLON series. All of our cameras comes with pan, tilt and zoom capabilities, and can be controlled from any computer or through a specialised panel. Our control command set supports both absolute and relative controls, which helps to do system integration with web-based video conferencing software.

ATTANY believes that reviewing meticulously every detail and aspect of product development will ensure an industry-leading solution.

ATTANY delivers high-performance and reliable solutions that keep the end user up and running. With you will find a compromised partner that believes that your success is the best return.

ATTANY’s high technology products and a partner-focused philosophy provide the opportunity for integrators and resellers to expand business opportunities and to growth their revenue. With one-year warranties and our expert service support, you will feel safe with your shielded project.

ATTANY knows that advanced technology, highly skilled tech support, and a smooth installation and operation will enhance the audiovisual experience for the integrator partner and the end user.

Attany Company, as a professional solutions manufacturer for the audiovisual sector, our main business is international integration and distribution.

Our team maintains the best quality standards and the complete supervision of the manufacturing process, guaranteeing its reliability and robustness thanks to the quality of our materials.

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